Minister is a verb, not a label.

One Spirit in Action is the Sacred Service & Activism Arm of One Spirit Learning Alliance founded in 2013 by Sonia Ketchian and Tyrone Holmes.

The realization of Divine Love on earth through a dedicated and persistent practice of sacred service; through which all involved are utterly transformed by the unifying, heart-shattering power of Grace. To institute a calendar of service for the One Spirit Learning Alliance that is open to all individuals, families and spiritual communities. To bring desperately needed attention, resources and love to under-served communities around the globe. To experience sacred service as a vehicle for understanding ourselves, our world and our spiritual traditions.

Below is an interview with Sonia and Ty about the role of spirituality is social justice on the SELF EVOLUTION CHANNEL with Lynette Turner, the host of The Positivoligist Is In the House-TV.