It feels like I've been on a spiritual path from the time I was old enough to recall my thoughts. This path of exploring spirituality and questioning God, life, death, meaning and suffering eventually brought me to the doors of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where I received my ordination in 2013.

Personally, I am not aligned with a religion or religious community, I guess you can say - Love is my Religion.

As my ministry has evolved, I’ve come to realize that Love Is a Beautiful Powerful Verb and this has been the center of my work.

Creating and officiating sacred services is my greatest joy and Love Activism is my life’s calling.

As an Interfaith Minister, I fell in love with the process of co-creating ceremonies that recognize and honor the expression of love in all of its forms.

As a Love Activist, my work is to help dissolve the illusion of separation which is at the core of humanity’s experience of division by finding ways to help diminish human suffering.

To know more about me, please read the testimonials from the sweet people for whom I have offered services or listen to this interview below!