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The Work of Sacred Activism - A Fearless Experiential Training with OneSpirit in Action.

  • ONE SPIRIT LEANING ALLIANCE 247 West 36th Street New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)

How do you make a difference and stay awake on the path?

Leaning into discomfort is the work of a Sacred Activist. We are bombarded with one injustice after another on a daily basis, leaving us angry and overwhelmed. In this workshop, we will focus on the following: How can we make a difference in this world? Where do we focus our efforts, and how do we choose an area of focus? How do we stay energized and committed? How do we impact sustainable change, especially when we have only a few hours a week available? When the goal is unity, how do we address injustice without strengthening the division and polarization we are hoping to change?

Join the One Spirit in Action (OSIA) leadership team in this fearless experiential training. Uncover your unique path and commitment to sacred activism while remaining awake to the ultimate goal, to create a “Beloved Community.”

  • In this one-day workshop, participants will:
  • Determine what makes sacred activism sacred
  • Gain a radical understanding of “personal identity,” enabling them to address injustice without
  • strengthening division
  • Experience increased clarity around the specific cases they would like to support
  • Construct their personal “Action Plan,” establishing focus and motivation for activism and/or service
  • Create individual practices to assist in “staying awake on the path” of sacred activism


Rev. Sonia Ketchian is an interspiritual minster, love activist, and sacred service officiant, receiving her ordination through One Spirit in the class of 2013. Sonia, along with Rev. Ty Holmes, co-founded One Spirit in Action (OSIA), the service arm of One Spirit Learning Alliance. She also partnered with Rev. Ty to create the “Just Love Campaign,” which seeks to promote harmony through love-based action. In January 2015, Sonia was the recipient of a citation from the City of New York for her service as an “interfaith ambassador.” As a native New Yorker, she’s drawn to street ministry and opportunities that serve New York’s underserved communities. In her continued service work with OSIA, Sonia feels moved to inspire others to be IN ACTION. She believes we can only do so much for ourselves, but if we activate the hearts of many, we can shift humanity’s consciousness from separateness to oneness.

Rev. Tyrone “Ty” Holmes is a husband, father, interfaith minister, wedding officiant, couples coach, poet, and yogi. He is a captivating public speaker with a long career in educational publishing, supporting school districts nationally in the area of mathematics education. His wide range of passions and skills merge around the subject of service. He is an author and a poet. His collection of heart-opening poetry is called The Undone Heart. Ty is the cofounder of One Spirit in Action, the service arm of one spirit learning alliance. Simply put, their mission is the dedicated and persistent practice of sacred service that is both unifying and heart shattering. Rev. Ty, as his coaching clients call him, holds a degree in mathematics education from the University of Maryland, and in 2013 was ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. (

Rev. Laurene Williams is committed to shifting the common view that church and state should be separated. Her activism is based on the belief that governance and power are a sacred function of accountability to community and best reflected when the “state” of ALL individuals within the community are seen as vital to its existence, enrichment, and empowerment. Sought after for her compelling conversations, engaging inquiries, sense of humor, and unique perspective on spirituality-infused living, Rev. Laurene explores with her clients how to embody this perspective for greater fulfillment, power, joy, and peace of mind in all areas of their lives. She believes the more we connect spiritual expressions to secular experience, the more opportunities we create for an integrated life and purposeful living, both personally and collectively. This is accomplished through her writings, counseling practice, ministry, and transformational workshops and programs.

Dates: Saturday, May 11, 2019 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
OneSpirit Elective Credit: 1.0
Available by: Attend in NYC Classroom or Join by Videoconference or Download Recordings (learn more about videoconference) (learn more about videoconference)
Price: General Public: $ 100.00 | One Spirit Graduates: $ 90.00